Damage Insurance Claim Process - Non Cashless

  • Step 1 Log on to Claim Registration portal www.appsdailyclaims.com and fill in the details, to intimate us about the Damage within 48 hours.

  • Step 2 Get "Claim Intimation Number" (CIN) Registered.

  • Step 3 Pre filled required documents will be sent to your registered email ID.

  • Step 4 Get Repair Quotation from Authorized Service Centre in letter head of the centre with proper seal and stamp.

    -In cases where Service centre declares handset is NOT REPAIRABLE/ TOTAL DAMAGE. Please send scanned copy of Handset Not Repairable Letter from Authorized Service Centre to email ID claims@appsdailyworld.com along with other documents

    - In cases where Handset company policy is on REPLACEMENT ONLY basis. Please send scanned copy of Replacement Quotation showing IMEI number of the handset to email ID claims@appsdailyworld.com along with other documents.

  • Step 5 Send scanned copy of the Repair Quotation along with 3 Photos of the damaged handset (1 photo showing IMEI number clearly and other 2 showing damage) to claims@appsdailyworld.com

  • Step 6 Insurance company will verify the documents and will give approval for repair if documents submitted meet requirements

  • Step 7 Once you receive approval, Get the Repair work done and get repair invoice

  • Step 8 Courier the documents to UB Insurance Associates, Bangalore at the address mentioned in this page.

Documents required for getting repair approval

All scanned copies to be sent to on email claims@appsdailyworld.com

  1. 1. Handset Purchase Bill on Claimant's Name carrying IMEI number

  2. 2. Self-Attested Photo ID Proof of Claimant.

  3. 3. Form C - Covering letter

  4. 4. Form 1C - Insurance claim form filled completely (including date and complete narration of the incidence)

  5. 5. Form 2C - Incident Report (including date and complete narration of the incidence)

  6. 6. Form 3C - Claim Pre-Receipt Voucher filled with Bank account Details

  7. 7. Cancelled Cheque showing all Account details (Including name of claimant, IFSC Code and MICR Code)

  8. 8. Photograph of Damaged Handset (2 photos showing damaged portion and 1 showing IMEI Number of Handset)

  9. 9. Scanned copy of repair Quotation along with part wise break up from Authorized Service Centre having IMEI Number(s) or Serial Number of Handset.

Upon verifying the documents, Insurance company will approve the claim either basis Repair or basis Total Loss

Once approval email is received and handset
is repaired

Documents for
Non-Cashless Claim

In case you are unable to receive the pre-filled documents on your registered email ID during registration of claim intimation, you can also download the forms here: Form C - Covering Letter
Form 1C - Damage Claim Form
Form 2C - Incident Report
Form 3C - Claim Pre-Receipt Voucher

Send Documents to following address only after getting repair approval:

UB Insurance Associates,
(Apps-Daily claims division),
S 204 and 205 Suraj Plaza,
196/8, 25th Cross 8th Main,
Jayanagar 3rd Block,
Bangalore 560011.
Contact Number: 1-800-209-9060