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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the Daily applications?

You can download the Daily application from AppsDaily website - onto your computer and then transfer it to your mobile via PC Suite or Bluetooth. The easiest way is to directly download it on your Mobile through GPRS.

In what format are the application installers available for various platforms?

Daily applications are available in the following formats: For Android, the files are with extension '.apk', for Symbian it is '.sis', for Java there are two files with extensions '.jad' and '.jar' and for Blackberry there are upto four or five files with one '.jad' and multiple '.cod' files.

What is meant by Compatibility?

Not all mobile applications work on all phone makes. Any application is specifically built to run on one or more target platforms. Most Daily Applications will run all the latest Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Java phones. Some Daily applications are currently supported only on Android phones. Refer to the compatibility list of each Daily application available in the Products section.

What is a Scratch code or Licence key?

All Daily applications are paid applications and can be used only if activated using a license key or scratch code. A scratch code is a 10 letter alpha-numeric code which is available on purchase of the product. This key needs to be fed in to activate the application on your phone.

Can I use same scratch code on multiple phones?

Most Daily applications can be activated any number of times on a single phone using the same scratch code, but the same scratch code cannot be used to activate the application on more than one phone. The licence is linked to the IMEI of the phone, and once linked, it cannot be used to activate on another IMEI.

What happens to the applications if I have formatted my phone?

All the third party applications are deleted from the phone in case the phone is formatted. Most of the Daily applications can be reinstalled and activated again on your phone using the same scratch code. Only the java application DailySecret cannot be activated again using the same scratch code if the application has been deleted.

What is Registration Mode? What is Manual registration?

Daily applications can be registered by submitting the registration details to Daily server. The registration details like Email, mobile number, date of birth and the scratch code are sent to the Daily server via an SMS or GPRS. The server validates the registration details and sends back an SMS or GPRS response respectively to the mobile. If the response is a success, the application gets activated. Some times when using the SMS mode, the SMS response from the server may not be delivered to the server. In such scenario, Daily Customer Care can be contacted to get the unique code for completing the activation process using manual registration feature available in Daily applications.

When I try to open the Java applications like DailySecret, it continuously asks for permissions, what do I do?

For Java applications, there are certain pre-settings that need to be done for various phones, for the application to run smoothly.
In case of Symbian phones go to -> Application Manager -> Installed Files -> DailySecret -> Settings ->Set Read User data & Write User data to "Always allowed".
In Java phones go to Dailysecret -> options -> Application Access -> Set Read User data & Write User data to "Always allowed".
In Sony Erricsson phones go to Dailysecret -> Options -> Permissions -> Customs -> Set Read User data & Write User data to "Never Ask".